Tommion Waylee’s Music Life

My first instrument was a portable plug in organ in the early 1990’s played around 6 years old.  Along with instrument toys like eko and electronic toy mics and stick to string drums in the 1990’s most, kids had.

I had 2 clarinets in elementary age 9. I started out into magical adventure movies vcr nights, wizard magazines everything you could imagine a slow nerd would, as a toddler to this day. So yeah clarinet for me was my 2nd instrument wonder.

In the 90’s I played the clarinet for around three to four years off and on along with recording with a kids group named after our street the huffman boys we where a rap group of kids recording on cassette in my garage. Older I was also in a couple r&b hip hop groups.

Anything other than trying out instruments the only other instrument in the early 90’s was tambourine at my parents events they attended. Me and my sister tambourine days ended though with a persons over dominance but later I had realized in my 20’s we had annoyed the person with our lack of how to play.

My first music performance duo was me and my older sister, I knew I was getting my self into back up singing but it was fun and wholesome. Though it may seem everyone knew in the exhilarating crying over a long clapping and cheering audience, we would have, was in honor of my sister solo songs, in my young witty mind. I had decided to quit the duo. In other words my sister could sing like a angel and I on the other hand had my own path to discover.

The 2nd live performance group was a dou of me and my old friend. We had many names for the duo, yeah we use to dream big and was wise for our age. We performed at mad frog where I fully choked up on stage, and he covered for me. We were a Triphop-AfricanTribal-fitness-woman taimer -sport carvroomers and dressed head to toe group. He also featured on album “Momment of Change”

The 3rd live group I sung with was a gospel country trio on stage different times in my life.

Our orthodox church camps attended mostly sung American opera like and I use to feel like my dad a young soldier. They even had me working the flag pole in my teens.
I use to be in a few choirs and one day quit because the sopranos was the popular thing, and I thought to myself trying to sound like a man with tenor wasn’t my thing I hadn’t even reached puberty. I had never made past a lot of practices with the choirs to do any shows.

(Going by the name Furious Loyal T)
In “same Triphop/Tribal Duo” we auditioned for some sort of Dipset placement I can’t remember, downtown I didn’t win. It use to be a millions of young guys dream. I had a show spot for the Black Family Reunion and I didn’t make it in my teens. A underground signing offer from Tech 9 in my preteens but it never finalized, I wasn’t up for it. A on the phone audition with an Affiliate Prod. I called myself being creative and did a experimental Native American chant rap, instead of anything regular, so no that didn’t happen. I volunteered for L.G Wise in a after school program helping young students with writing skills. Prod. Harp D help recorded my first album. Each thing was a great experience and neat participating.

Later in life I dropped my first albums and the only for up to like 10-15 years. One was “Moment of Change”one was  Gospel trip Hiphop.  Along with my cover art I sold on the streets shortly, with embroidery shirts with my art, to cover extra diper money. In that time I did gospel in live performances at Asian and western venues, Fountain Square, churches. I did online websites tons showcasing music and art ages 17-30. :). I did performances for Americans to Africans to Asians. Even performed once in a Town Hall.

I had 3 keyboards during the millennium the last one was 2017. In 2007 I started to play keyboard with training from music books.

(Going by the name (self) & Germany Black)

In college & B4 Our rock group of pals wanted a drummer and the guy we had jammed with and wanted in our band went off to bob/guitarist played drums for us. Our music activity’s branched off to seperate groups such as black metal, and other rock/hiphop old high get togethers. In the sober chilled time which was a lot in my life I got drum pads, and drum sticks for two years with dvd training, in 2010. The first inspiration of my mother fascinating me playing drums as a kid, and others, I started on acoustic drums on electronic drums, Ive never ever been behind a physical set of drums but when i was a toddler. I practiced 24/7 365 for lots of years, til this day. Our guitarist & family died in 2019 Zack.

I was Around guitars most of my life. I wound up getting my first acoustic guitar in 2011, and practiced for a year, and was tutored by 4 local rock and gospel bluegrass artists. 

 I also had tips, from alot of genres hiphop & rock to country from peers from a child to adult. But most the time most I learned never clicked and long forgotten.

I had an electric guitar in 2021 never plugged it in to anything, until 2024 my nephew had plugged it up & we had a clean music session and he rocked the electric plugged. I grew up around friends playing electric & instruments alot, with garage, and house partys singing along. I played electric like an acoustic for a half a year or so. I also sung like a guitar cats garblishy odd and adding effects to wild whacky cats pling plong strum hum singing which actually helps playing but your neighbors will think you have wild cats. With calming the sound with rhythm and harmony of course. 

Rock has been way more easier too please my taste then any other music I’ve tried that still comes out right.

I’ve only played an actual electric guitar “sound” on digital among tons of sound patches, pre, and mostly self tuning. Self tuning took many long years and still takes time to adjust. My Ears experience was more than a fascinatingly world with involved knobs buttons switches everyday all day all year. One of my ex gf would say my life was like the usual “Duey Coxs.” Once my mind wasn’t just like a balloon to blimp to a massive mothership ufo with health conditions spatial and motion sickness off of experiments with music oscillators. That experience with the ossilators only was a around a couple of weeks time a piece  I’ve never revisited the oscillator. 
I still plan on getting physical electric again and bass guitar. 

I had a basic violin in 2009, and played it until we needed repairs for a year. Last and current instrument an acoustic, and tambourine. I’ve been over practicing the guitar but I'm way better at digital/electric.

(Going by the name Germoney Blakk)

One music group I was in was called “Team Swagga” in early MySpace days. The Other group was called, “Cincinnati Squad” with Lil P & Tate (rip) and others I produced in a reasonable home studios. We joked a lot on Mic and like with all the groups I been with it and self most the time seemed as we got this but practice, and productivity with fun and sometimes really good results/feedback. 

Non-redundantly Nearly all my family taught me Rhythm & Harmony.  I started writing poetry, and lyrics in elementary starting with stories of science fiction, and science non fiction. I’ve always been a over descriptive writer. I was too descriptive of a writer younger it was way more difficult. I have all my life of study lots, never enough and too much.
I made honor roll enough to help keep my parents feeling good. Execellent Awards from Events in & outside of school. I happen to fail in poetry in high school but managed to come back from the things I learned from and my own whacyness and win a national poetry award at age 16 from a online event. Quite a few athletic awards pins and certificates in Elementary for things like running track but soccer I had quit but played til an adult. Announcements for wrestling I didn’t finish but made a state record to long ago to remember. The last certificate I achieved is from a space club I attended sometimes. I also have been, awarded from a ministry for volunteering behind the scenes for over two decades. A few certifications.

The piano

The two pianos was transcribed from vocal notes from me and my family singing opera in 2017, the pianos still exist but not the vocals.

I did music production with Jamaican dancer Malaklia & quite a few other female dancers. 

My first studio recording was a rap remake of Elvis’s “Hounddog” with a the producer at like age 13-14. 

My mother played drums when I was young for singers and instrumentalists a lot. 

Yes I started out as a instrumentalist, experimenting/exploring with sound and techniques, science projects. 

Welp that the half of my music journey hope you enjoyed the read, Thanks.

Studio equipment I've practiced/w with on my own, outside of producers I’ve worked with equipment and instruments are,

1. 3-5 mixing boards my favorite Tascam Dp02 

2. 5–7 microphones my favorite “Ribbon mic no need for phantom power.

3. “Software” growing up I first time pre teen early 2000’s & computers/electronics sense a kid

4. A cassette recorder
-my first time using one was a toddler toy with mic attached. Then a band of neighborhood kids, I took responsibility and lead rapper/singer while the old game counsels ran in the background.

5. Too many headphones to keep track of but i do remember some. Favorite the AKg’s & Retro Sonys

6. I had Speakers too many but I remember rocket 5s

7.pre amp built in and separate

8.eqs built in and separate

9.1 physical compressor 

10. I always made shore I had the best cords, and plugs.

11.Reveb & Eko/delay physical machines.

Add more info another day

You can always write me for more